Don’t get left out in the cold!  Take advantage of our insured indoor storage We have several packages available.

For customers within the Sherkston Shores Resort the following packages are available. Drop off and pickup form our rental office in the park. The office is open on weekends after Labour Day until Nov 1st.

Effective as of the 2019/2020 season, we are only offering our deluxe storage package.

Deluxe Golf Cart Storage – $250.00

  • Indoor, fully insured storage
  • Batteries disconnected for winter
  • Batteries serviced – water topped off, connections cleaned and greased
  • Brakes inspected
  • General service on cart
  • List any work that should be considered.
  • Washed and Charged Before Delivery

Deluxe Jet-Ski Storage – $500.00

  • Indoor, Fully Insured Storage
  • Battery removed for winter
  • Fuel Stabilizer
  • Engine Fogged
  • Jet Pump Oil Changed
  • Cables Lubed
  • Washed in Spring

Basic Jet-Ski Storage – $250.00

  • Indoor, Fully insured storage
  • Battery removed for winter
  • Washed in spring

For customers outside of the Sherkston Shores Resort pricing is the same, however a  pickup and delivery fee  will be added.  All prices are subject to HST.

To arrange for winter storage please call the office  905-894-3113  extension #2 or #5  or email   or